Hello  !

I'm a photographer in the south of France. My job allows me to travel everywhere in France and eventually in the world. 

I love travelling, walks in nature, film photography, smiling people, good cuisine, coffee, passionate people, having a beer with friends, sunrises & sunsets, summer storms, unexpected road trips.

6 years ago, I decided to let everything go to pursue a dream of adventure in Australia. Photography helped me tell this story and became an evidence. I spent the best year of my life and came back as a different man.

After other travels and adventures in the world, I chose to make photographs for a living to keep telling beautiful stories. 

Why yours shouldn't be the next? :)

Photo: ©Margaux Pastor


My vision of photography


In three words, these are my images.

Happy, because everyone looks good with a big smile on one face (yes yes, even you who reads it thinking "nooooooo, I never look good on pictures !!")

Luminous, because I was born in sunny south of France, and I can't imagine my memories any differently.

Natural, because it's how I find all things, landscapes, people look the best: naturally !



That's what I wish to photograph before anything: your complicity ! I say it before every photo session: think of it as something else than a photoshoot, but more as an intimate moment for you. 

Thus, I want to engage with you so that we can trust each other and you can be yourself in front of the camera. One complicity leads to another and that's how the happiest, truest memories are photographed. 

If this sounds good to you and you're interested, feel free to write me !